Story (so far)Edit

This story begins when the Matrix of Leadership is launched to space, but Megatron is hot on its tail. Following Megatron is Optimus Prime T
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hey land on earth and fight till their processors stop working. Meanwhile deep in space looking for the Matrix an Autobot named Maxion comes to a complete darkness. Will Maxionbe cumsumed by the darkness? Wait and find out.

All CharactersEdit


Optimus Prime - Leader

Jetfire- Olderest and Wisest

Jazz- First Lieutenant, Skills Expert

Ironhide- Weapons and Skillls Expert

Bumble Bee prime - leader

Sideswipe- Rookie but a skilled warrior, brother to Sideways

Arcee Sisters- Snipers and Investigation team

Skids and Mudflap- Warriors in Training

Ratchet- Medic

skyfire- Jetfires decendent

Airraid- second incomand skycomander

silverbolt- sky commander

omega supreme- weapon

metroplex- weapon

hound- weapon specialist

bulkhead- wrecker

topspine- wrecker

leadfoot- wrecker

roadbuster- wrecker

seaspray - wrecker / rookie

Drift - swordsman

knockout- docter

brown- weapon speaclist

mirage- swordsman

crosshairs- rookie

primus/ cybertron


Megatron- Leader

Starscream- 2nd Command, Leader of the Seekers

Soundwave- loyal servant to Megatron

Mindwipe- Decepticon interegater, Leader of drone

brawl- Strongest, Weapons Expert

Bludgeon- Skills Expert

the Seekers- secretly serve under Starscream

Contructicons- group of the most powerfull Deceticons


Unicron- Planet eater

Maxion- one of the last Primes, Autobot high council

the Drones- both sides have them

Council member- autobots leaders