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This is a Page for everyone's fan made Transformers Stop Motions, but you can also post Non-TF Stop Motions, as long its a spinoff or share universe with the transformers stop motions.


  • Transformers: The Mirasoltwins series
  • The Mirasoltwins stop motion series is a set of 4 episodes which revolve around the capturing and reprogramming of Autobot Long-Arm and his turn to a Decepticon. Dreadwing also seems to be a key character as he plays a key part in most episodes

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The Fallen  was one of the original 13 tranformers or Seven Primes in some universes. At the dawn of time he was known as Megatronus Prime but took the name Fallen when he betrayed his master Primus. He is often depicted as Megatron's master, in other stop motion's he is a minion of Unicron. He is a mulitversal being so there is only one of him, all Fallen's in everyone's stop motion are one in the same. The Fallen is immensely powerful, with the power to move object's with his mind, open space bridges and shoot powerful balls of fire.

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