Thundercracker (eagc7 Transformers/Marvel Stop Motions)
Appeared in Transformers: Prologue
Transformers: Tales of the Fallen
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Status Dead
Gender Male
Actor eagc7

Thundercracker is the master of fear. His victims can hear him coming from 200 miles away, which is the way he likes it—it's not worth the effort it takes to kill them unless they're nice and terrified first. He doesn't care much about galactic conquest or the All Spark, but as long as Megatron allows him to indulge himself, he's happy to serve.

Despite being one of Starscream most loyal collague's, Thundercracker doubts Starscream skills to lead the entire Decepticon army.


War on StarscreamEdit

Thundercracker meets up with Incinerator, who informs him that Megatron was sent offline by Bumblebee and resulted in the Decepticon leader to shrunk down and then Stasrcream took over leadership. Later Thundercracker found Knock Out and began to shoot at him in a attempt to kill him, however Sideswipe found him and tossed him away, Later Sideswipe decided to finish off Thundercracker by cutting his neck in half. Thundercracker head's was found by Longarm, Barricade and later Frenzy, The Fallen possessed Thundercracker's head for communicate with Frenzy, who told him to re-attach Thundercracker's head, Frenzy did so and Thundercracker was brought back to life as a result. Transformers: Prologue

Ressurection and Second DeathEdit

After his ressurection, he was sent by the Fallen to Earth to retrieve the Allspark, While he was at Earth he kept his Cybertronian jet mode, and found Bumblebee and Longarm driving By, He reported this to Starscream. Later on he arrived to the city where Megatron and Prime were currentenly fighting, he saw the injured Sideswipe and wanted to kill him as revenge for killing him before, ironically however Thundercracker's head was blown off by the human soldiers. Transformers

After he was killed, his body was put in a trailer alonside the bodies of the other fallen Decepticons and Autobots, his body quickly disposed outside the new Autobots Headquaters on Earth. Transformers: Tales of the Fallen

His remains were later thrown into the ocean, his remains were found by Ravage and Scalpel as they were searching for potential Decepticons to ressurect. they picked Barricade, Brawl and Frenzy instead. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen


Friends and AlliesEdit

  • Starscream - Ally
  • Frenzy - Ally
  • Incinerator - Ally


  • Knock Out
  • Sideswipe - Killer
  • William Lennox - Killer
  • Robert Epps - Killer
  • Robert Turner - Killer
  • William Parker - Killer
  • Peter Burns - Killer
  • Steve Grant - Killer
  • Duke Burns - Killer
  • Graham - Killer


  • Canon (4 stop motions)

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