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the 13 as htye appeared in the Transformers Prime cartoon

The Thirteen original Transformers were created by Primus in imitation of Unicron's transformation abilities. Rightfully huge and powerful multiversal singularities like their creator, each was designated a Prime, and given an aspect of the multiverse to guide over, as well as manning Primus's physical form—planet Cybertron. But power corrupts, and many of the Primes betrayed one another—with one even siding with Unicron—until few remained, secretly aiding or manipulating the next generations of Transformers.

List of the 13Edit


The following members of the Thirteen have been revealed:

Two possible member's of the Thirteen are Logos Prime and "Thirteenth Prime", but this is yet to be confirmed.

Fan MadesEdit

Crosshairs001 ContinuityEdit

13 Ancient Primes existed in this continuity, however only 5 are mentioned by name.

Nightslash2020 ContinutyEdit

Jazz265 ContinutyEdit


Nightslash2020 ContinutyEdit

Eagc7 ContinutyEdit

Eagc7 TF/Marvel ContinutyEdit

Main article: Original Seven Primes

Crosshairs001 ContinuityEdit

In this continuity, the history of the Transformers differs slightly - the 13 Primes were created by Primus to combat Unicron's 13 Heralds . One Prime, known as the Fallen, switched sides after being corrupted by Unicron's dark will. Primus sealed Unicron inside a wormhole created from his own matter, leaving Liberty Prime and Unicron's final Herald Shockwave in that universe. Liberty Prime became the first Prime, whilst Shockwave disappeared, waiting for the right time to return and release his master from his entombment.

The order of successive Prime's differs from script to screen. The original script has the order as Liberty, Zeta, Nominus, Sentinel and finally Optimus. However, in the episode itself, Nominus is replaced with Solus Prime.

Jazz265 ContinutyEdit


  • Nightslash2020 continuty had a big inconsitent with the original 13 names, some of the Primes were named Devastus, Alpha Prime, Omega Prime, Nightslash, Ecliptor, Lionor, Razorclaw, Airazor, Ellion and Wind Blade. but none of those characters are the actual names for the original 13 which leaves a big Plot hole. but since the stop motion was created before the names of most the 13 names were revealed he had to made up names, but its still a plot hole unless the primes are intended to be the same characters from the other multiverses, another plot hole is that Alpha Trion is on the series but he have nothing to do with the original 13. However most Alpha Trion's were not belived to have been the multiversal 13 member back then.
  • In the eagc7 continuty he was meant to have Zeta Prime, Nova Prime Maximus Prime and Omega Prime among the Dynasty of Primes, but their names were changed at the last minute to Amalgamous Prime and Nexus Prime for avoid the same plot hole that Nightslash2020 did, Maximus and Omega are still nameless until Hasbro reveals the names of all of the 13 primes

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