The Unknowns is a personal film made by GoopLoopScoop(Youtube channels name) and friends at his school.


development started in june 2010, days before summer vacation. but in which it would appear on youtube. but due to GoopLoopScoops conserns with privicy with the young cast, it might not appear on youtube unless all parents say its alright.

The Film was on hold during the summer due to the cast members away on vacations. but was back in production in september 2010.

a release date has been scuedulled to either late 2010 or early 2011, filming should start around October.


Two beings from the beging of time manage to arrive on earth to live with these "Humans". Kaeo, a very powerful "Cell" with black energy. and Legion, a "Cell with water energy" go into human forms to live on earth. Years later they are apart of a team created by the secretary of defence to hunt down cells from other dimentions. Kaeo, Legion, and a nother Cell, Sol, arrive on a alternate earth to take down cells. Kaeo Destroys this allternate earth and leaves it into crumbles. When they arrive back, the secretary was not happy with what he has done. So Kaeo kills the secretary, Legion stops kaeo from killing more people but he is defeated and escapes. Three years later Legion is having a normal life working at a news station, and is partnered with Alice, and August. Legion then reunites with Kaeo and they fight. Kaeo tells Legion that the secretary that kaeo killled has a son and has taken over as secretary. now ordering to hunt them down. Alice and August have a interview with the secretary as he has no comment on what there saying. so they sneak into a top secret office with detals on the team that kaeo, legion, and sol were on and discover it. then they call two other workers at work Harold, and Mark. they call legion and tells him that he's in danger along with kaeo, and sol that shows up. they manage to defeat many of the troops as Legion, Kaeo, and Sol rondaveiw with August, Alice, Harold, and Mark.



Kaeo: Played by JTRAIN09990

Legion: Played by GoopLoopScoop

NOTE: These are the only characters i can tell you who plays who due to privacy issues with me.