Staceyalex532 is a male voice actor known on YouTube. He started Voice acting in 2009, after watching Nightslash2020's Transformers Stop Motion Trilogy. He than began to prefecting his voice hoping to become a voice actor in future stop motions. Staceyalex532 didnt stop there though, he then posted videos on YouTube with him voicing Goofy from Disney and Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z. Staceyalex532 then audition for Nightslash2020's stop motion series Transformers: Origins. 'Where He auditioned for Sideswipe, Jetstorm and Ratchet. Although he did'nt get the parts he was actually going for, Staceyalex532 got the part of Cybertron Swerve in Origins. Since Origins wasnt coming out for awhile Stacyalex532 then met Eagc7 who was very intrested in him voicing characters for his stop motions. Staceyalex532 then voiced severeal characters In Eagc7 stop motions such as (Jazz, Sideswipe, Sideways, and Skids) Staceyalex532 voiced these characters for awhile but ended up giving Sideswipe and Sideways to Nightslash12345. It seems he did this because he wanted other voice actors to have share in the spotlight, he felt as if he "voiced too much" characters. Though Staceyalex532 still voices Skids till this day. Staceyalex532 is still voice acting till day and has audition for many stop motions to come. On January 29th, 2011 it has been confirmed that Staceyalex532 will be voicing Landmine, Blades and Commander Rex in a new stop motion by Gearshifter09. Its called Transformers: Rise of the Wicked. A trailer should be coming to YouTube soon. It has also been confirmed by Shad445 that Transformers: Revolutions will make a return in May 2011.

Voice WorkEdit

Year Film Role
2009 Transformers: Prologue Sideways
Transformers Sideways, Sideswipe, Jazz
2010 Transformers: Origins Swerve
Transformers: Revolution Clocker
2011 Transformers: Earth Protectors Skids
Transformers: Rise of the Wicked Landmine, Blades, Commander Rex
2012 Transformers: Tales of the Fallen Skids