Sideswipe in MTME


Sideswipe is a master of close quarters fighting. He'd much rather be assaulting an enemy position than giving the orders or providing covering fire. Amongst the Decepticons, a shiver goes through everyones spines when his name is mentioned. To the Cons, Sideswipe is almost the Grim Reaper, cutting through hides with his Cybertanium swords as if it were paper.

Sideswipe's alt. mode on Earth is a concept Corvette Stingray, just as much a work of art as a disguise. Any mode Sideswipe chooses is sleek, fast and sexy, no matter the situation.


Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye Stop MotionEdit

Voice Actor: flareneos4 (English)

Transformers: Uprising Stop MotionEdit

Voice Actor: flareneos4 (English)