Optimus Prime- is the leader of the Autobots in this stopmotion. Also he is one of the main heros in this story

I used the protoform pod and War For Cybertron figures in the first part he changes within time.

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WFC Optimus Prime

In FictionEdit

Some say Optimus is the most daring of all the primes that exsist. In my stop motion optimus lauches the Matrix of Leadership in space away from Megatron, but when he find out Megatron has gone after it he chases him. Then after awhile they crash on earth during the ice age and fight over the matrix. During the fight Optimus realizes that the fight isn't goin to end that with both of their booster out of commesion Optimus shoots the unstable ground and they both fall and he ends up in stasis lock.

The VoiceEdit

The voice of this character is colbyevans2005 also known as Colby Evans