Optimus Prime is the heroic and noble leader of the Autobots and successor to Sentinel Prime. He is one of the most powerful Autobots online, but rarely uses this power to its full potential for fear of collateral damage and loss of innocent life. Back on Cybertron, he and Megatron were like brothers, but after the darkness turned him, all comradeship was lost. Now they fight, two sides of the same coin, forever connected. In t
Optimus Prime MTME

Optimus prepares to fight his nemesis Megatron

he end, one must stand, one must fall.

His current vehicle mode is a custom Peterbilt semi truck, with a car carrier trailer which can home in on his location should he desire. Optimus is armed with an energon sword, a Cybertanium shield which belonged to his predecessor Sentinel Prime, and an ion blaster, lethal in his use of them.


Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye Stop MotionEdit

Voice Actor: crosshairs001 (English)

Transformers: Uprising Stop MotionEdit

Voice Actor: crosshairs001 (English)


Two versions of Optimus Prime are used in Transformers: Uprising. The first is the original ROTF figure that appeared during MTME and Uprising Episodes 2 and 3. However, during filming for Episode 3, his right shoulder panel broke off and, at a later point, the tab that kept his cab chest window in place snapped off, rendering the figure unusable. Prime 1.0 was replaced with his Stealth Force figure for vehicle mode shots in Episode 3, and then replaced in the Episode 4 prequel with his DOTM Jetwing body, which tied in later to the final episode.