The Dead End Stop Motions are a Serie of Short Stop Motions, made by Youtuber nightslash2020, Each Stop Motion Airs once a year


Dead EndEdit

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Smokescreen Crushing Dead End

Dead End was Rolling and then he Finds Smokescreen, Smokescreen Ask the Minicon what he is Doing, Dead End Says "lets Finish this!", Smokescreen is Confused but later Realized that Dead End wants to fight Him. Dead end then Procceds to Attack Smokescreen but Smokescreen steps on Him, Later Optimus Shows up and Ask Smokescreen what he is doing, Smokescreen tells prime that he is Fighting dead End, Optimus Tells Smokescreen that Dead End is "30 times Smaller than you!", Smokescreen Then Leaves, Optimus and Dead End Leaves as Well but Optimus then Crushes Dead End

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Prime Crushing Dead End

Dead End 2Edit

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Dead End and Leader-1 Being Chased

Leader-1 and Dead End Sees a Giant Ball Weapon and they Decided to give it to megatron soon has Possible, Horever the Ball Begins to Roll and the 2 Mini-cons Starts Running, Horever the Ball Was Actually beign controlled by Smokescreen and Rollbar, Optimus Shows up and ask Them what they Doing, Optimsu Then grabs the Controller of the ball and Bgeisn to have fun with it and Then He Sees a Bottom and wonders what it is, Smokescreen warms him to not press it but its already too late, the Ball Goes More faster Towards the 2 Minicons and The Ball ends up crushing them to Death, the 3 Autobots are Shocked and Surprised at what they Have Done, Optimus Later Says "Oh Shit"

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Optimus Shocked

Dead End 3Edit

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Dead End New Body

Dead End is Rolling Trying to find a Body for have his Revenge on Smokescreen, He finds a Cybertronian and Attacks him and Merges with him, and goes to Find Smokescreen, He Finds Smokescreens, He then Begins to Laugh, But Before he Can Kill Smokescreen, Dead End Gets Crushed by Mike. Smokescreen later Says Dead End that He Next time Should fidn a Body with Weapons and Leaves

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Smokescreen Talking to Dead End


Continuty ErrorsEdit

  • in Dead End 2, it was Revealed that Both Leader-1 and Dead End were Killed, Horever Dead End Appears Alive and Well in Dead End 3

Cast and CharactersEdit

Autobots Decepticons Humans Others


  • a Dead End 4 was Meant for Release in 2010 but was Never Made
  • Smokescreen and Dead End are the Only Characters to Appear in all Episodes