Megatron custom jet mode MTME

Megatron's jet mode for MTME

Megatron is the cold-sparked overlord of the Decepticons, ruling them with an iron fist. His followers are fiercely loyal to him, for fear of tasting his fusion cannon. Well, most of them.

His current alt. mode is a Cybertronian jet and tank (thus making him a triple changer), and utilises his fusion cannon in all three modes. In jet form, he is capable of super-sonic speeds if uninterrupted. He rarely uses his full power, usually wishing to prolong his enemy's suffering, but his complete wrath is capable of levelling entire city blocks.


Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye Stop MotionEdit

Voice Actor: crosshairs001 (English)

Transformers: Uprising Stop MotionEdit

Voice Actor: FMAChet (English)