Megatron is a Decepticon from the Jazz265 continuity.
Megatron (Jazz265 Transformers Stop Motion)
ROTF Leader Megatron
Appeared in Transformers: SFSP
Status Alive
Gender Male
Actor Anderson1939

In his early days, Megatron was a greatly respected soilder in the Transformer Millatry and a good friend to Optimus Prime and student to Sentinel Prime. He was named "Megatronus" by the being who shared his name, but after his betrayl of the Primes, Megatronus shortened his name to "Megatron" But the uprisings soon arrived. Megatron fout for the Primes against the enemy's of Cybertron, but soon came under the influence of The Fallen and became a field commander for the Decepticon army. Powerful, charismatic, violent, and full of rage for any who would stand in the way of his ambition and drive, Megatron brought Cybertron past the brink of destruction. Now he and his former friend Optimus Prime fight on other worlds. Megatron will often risk everything for his goals to be achived. Like Optimus, Meatron is forced to be reckoned with. Very few can stand up to him and live to tell the tale.


Voice Actor: Anderson1939

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Trivia Edit

  • According to Jazz265 youtube user TSW1Transformers, creator of the Transformers: Cloak of the Decepticon's series was the original choice to play Megatron but youtube user Anderson1939 asked for the role and got it himself.
  • According to Jaz265 has said that if there is a leader class megatron from DOTM made then he will be used in the series.