Magnus Prime is the leader of the Autobot team, Gamma. Magnus used to be a space bridge repair man, called to duty by Optimus Major. Optimus found it fitting for him to be a leader. With help from EDC Sergeant Spike Witwicky, Magnus continues to lead his semi-misfit team of Autobots. He transforms into morden white Frieghtliner COE with a blue and red car carryin' trailer. He hates it when people laugh at him for having no hands. Poor Magnus.


White Magnus Prime....hey, THATS RACIST LOL JK

Transformers: Police Force Edit

Magnus Prime and his crew were attacked by an unknown Decepticon force and the Decepticon(s) stole Blurr in the process! Now Magnus Prime finds 2 Stunticons holding a demolition derby near their base. Magnus decided to send his crew to intercept the 'Cons and hope Blurr is with them...

Eagc7....if you read this....its kinda just floating around the interwebs right mom died awhile back and i got caught up in stuff like that. i will make my return HOPEFULLY November or December 2011. sorry i never got around to voicing the characters :( hope you arent mad....i just got caught up in alot of stuff...had to move the rest of the stuff out of my old house last week. hopefully you can spread the word across youtube and tfw2005. i have two project ideas somewhat differ from Police Force and Wreckers. i hope to come in contact with you again soon :) again, sorry for not voicing the characters, but i will be happy to supply some voices for you :) just in case.


diamondmutt (i might use a different username in the future)

Voice Actors Edit

The voice actor is none other than Diamondmutt1111 of youtube (and many other sites). Diamondmutt1111 at first wanted to cast one of his best friends, Nintendo480, but instead casted Nintendo480 as Hound.


Trivia Edit

  • Magnus Prime has no hands in "White Prime" mode.
  • Magnus CAN combine with his trailer to form "Ultra mode".
  • Close friends with Rodimus Prime, Optimus's son.