Lego Batman: Jokers Death is a stop motion 10 minute movie based on Jokers Death in Batman Beyoned: Return of the Joker. it will be the first in the Lego Batman Stop motion Series, The next will be based on Jokers Origins In The Killing Joke

Development and VersionsEdit

Not Much development is on. In fact. there will be no script since the lines are based on the scean. The will be voice actors rather than using the audio from the scean. There will be 2 versions of this. One will be the Edited version with less violence, where jokers death was different. and the Unedited version, with more violence. A change in the Edited version is Jokers death will be seen shortly then turn to Batgirl. where in the film, joker electricuted himself, but his acctual death was not seen. And in the Unedited version, One Of Jokers Lines from the film will Be Changed Slightly from "Oh what the heck i'll laugh anyway"(Which will be kept in the edited version) to "Oh what the Hell I'll laugh anyway" removing the Heck, with Hell instead.


Watch the Clip on youtube for the plot.




Harley Quinn(Unknown)


Robin/Joker Jr.(GoopLoopScoop)

Commissior Gordon(No voice actor)

Other people(No voice actor)