AWESOME ADVENTURE THE MOVIE is a toy movie made by Liamperrylloyd.


wolverine wakes up because he wants beer. but he doesnt have any beer. so he goes and finds some beer. Magneto is trying to stop wolverine from going to his bar. so orders a lizard that looks like tom cruse to kill him. wolverine meets Fatass. a bear that goes with wolverine to find some beer. they stop at the lizard and wolverine fights him. he defeats him, and they go off. Magneto hears about his faliure by Master Monkey. wolverine and fatass are now in Quere ally where they meet the Gay rangers. wolverine decides to beat them up until fatass objects the idea saying they will have there juice on them. wolverine fights them anyways when daffid thomas comes and beats them. wolverine thanks him, but daffid wants him to have $3X with him. wolverine and fatass leave emidiently. Magneto sends buzz lightyear to kill them. wolverine and fatass fight buzz when daffid comes back and defeats him again only to ask wolverine to have S#% with him. they leave after that. magneto shuns buzz after that. Wolverine and fatass incounter crazy frog, who wants to get beer with wolverine. they go off to the bar when Master Monkey now fights crazy frog. after that, Fatass gets shot by magneto. so wolverine and magneto have a battle when all of magneto's minions all defeat him because they dont like magneto anymore. Master Monkey shows Wolverine where magnetos secret stash of beer is while Magneto is being r%#ped by they gay rangers.





Crazy Frog

Master Monkey

The Gay Rangers

Daffid Thomas

Buzz Lightyear

Lizard that looks like Tom Cruis